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  • 3 upcoming low-cost airdrop opportunities with big potential rewards*!

3 upcoming low-cost airdrop opportunities with big potential rewards*!

The start of 2024 bought a wealth of opportunities in the crypto space with major top airdrops leading the way.

Jupiter, the key liquidity aggregator for Solana, allocated 40% of the total supply for airdrops:

  • 200M JUP to all users who’ve interacted regardless of the volume.

  • 700M JUP based on volume.

  • 100M JUP to community contributors.

Given Solana's recent momentum, it's no surprise that many airdrops we shared are within its ecosystem.

However, one of today's opportunities will be particularly about the Thorchain ecosystem.

Come let’s explore 👇

Disclaimer: Not financial or investment advice. You are responsible for any capital-related decisions you make, and only you are accountable for the results.

BTW, We are cooking some alpha for you! Stay Tuned :)

1. Pike Finance (min budget $50-$100)

Pike Finance is a next-generation, multi-chain money market powered by Wormhole, Circle and Base. This protocol enables seamless cross-chain borrowing and lending of native assets, eliminating the need for token bridging and wrapped assets.

Acting as a universal liquidity protocol, Pike Finance allows users to “deposit collateral on chain A, borrow on chain B”.

Pike Finance recently opened their mainnet. They are in currently live in Beta Phase on Base, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Solana, Monad, Cosmos, and more.

The protocol is built on the @wormholecrypto stack, hence it is safe to say that Pike users may qualify for the wormhole airdrop. And Pike also has a close link to Monad, who raised $19M, so that comes up with another airdrop speculation.

Action plan

  1. Go to Pike Finance and connect your wallet.

  2. Provide liquidity i.e Deposit assets and Borrow any assets in any of the available markets.

  3. Additionally, you can go to Magic Eden and buy some of their NFTs (it costs around 1.5 SOL). This is an optional step.

  4. @pikenians is a NFTs community collection shoutouted by Pike Finance. Manage your risk appetite before buying, as the floor price has already pumped.

Additional Tasks

2. El-Dorado (min budget $100)

EL-Dorado works similar to ThorSwap, a DEX Aggregator connecting liquidity across 9 blockchains powered by THORChain.

El Dorado utilizes Maya Protocol as the underlying infrastructure to provide cross-chain swaps and yield on your native Layer 1 assets. MAYAChain is a decentralised cross-chain liquidity protocol which uses the Tendermint consensus engine, Cosmos-SDK state machine, and GG20 Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS). El-Dorado has already received a grant from Chainflip for integration.

Airdrop speculation

El-Dorado is a profitable protocol that might distribute 100% of its revenue to token holders. The $ELDO token may launch on Kujira or Aztec Chain.

Following Chainflip and Thorchain integration, revenue might be airdropped in USDC (Chainflip), RUNE (Thorchain), and CACAO (Maya Chain) token holders.

El-Dorado doesn't use a points system, nor do users need to acquire any special NFTs. Simply "use the product" to participate.

Action plan

  1. Obtain 25 RUNE (approximately $100) from exchanges like Binance.

  2. Visit the El-Dorado website and connect your Xdefi Wallet.

  3. Swap 10 RUNE for KUJI.

  4. In the Earn section, asymmetrically provide 10 RUNE.

  5. Await the launch of the Savers feature and deposit 5 RUNE there.

Given the high likelihood of $ELDO launching on Kujira, it's advisable to stake your swapped KUJI.

To do this:

  1. Stake your KUJI at Blue Kujira with a chosen validator.

  2. Explore El-Dorado by using different asset combinations across its three features.

  3. Holding Cacao/Maya may also be beneficial.


  • Regular Use: Engage with El-Dorado sporadically over days, weeks, or months. Given the limited competition, even minimal interactions could yield significant rewards.

  • Earn Section: If you encounter issues due to technical problems, the team is working on a fix. In the meantime, experiment with asset swaps.

This streamlined plan emphasizes strategic participation without overcommitment, maximizing potential returns from El-Dorado's offerings.

3. ZeroLend (min Budget $100)

A decentralized, non-custodial liquidity protocol enabling users to participate as liquidity providers or borrowers within various ecosystems like zkSync and Manta. They have recently launched Zero Gravity airdrop campaign encouraging users to collect points for a larger $ZERO allocation. Learn more about it here.

Important: If you were a $PYTH staker, you will receive a portion of the $ZERO drop http://airdrop.zerolend.xyz. Check out now.

The zkSync <> ZeroLend play:

To potentially qualify for a zkSync airdrop through activity on ZeroLend, which could add volume and transactions to the zkSync chain, follow these steps:

  1. Bridge Funds to zkSync: Use Orbiter to bridge funds from other Layer 2 solutions (like Arbitrum or Optimism) to zkSync.

  2. Connect to ZeroLend: Visit ZeroLend and connect your wallet, ensuring you're on the zkSync chain.

  3. Provide Liquidity: Deposit at least $100 in stablecoins into pools, or $110 in any assets to earn points. Providing at least $100 in liquidity grants you a "Shrimp" role, more than $1,000 a "Shark" role, and over $10,000 the "Whale" role in their Discord.

  4. Complete Additional Tasks: Visit Tasks to perform extra activities like joining their Discord, greeting with a "GM", borrowing, etc., for more points.

These actions not only contribute to the ecosystem but also increase your chances of benefiting from potential airdrops related to zkSync and ZeroLend activities.

<aside> 💡 For supplying you get 1 Point/USD and for borrowing 4 Points/USD everyday.


ZeroLend <> Manta Play

To engage with Manta Play via ZeroLend:

  1. Connect Wallet to Manta: Make sure your wallet is set to the Manta chain.

  2. Bridge Funds to Manta: Transfer funds to Manta using a compatible bridge.

  3. Lend/Borrow on Manta: Use platforms on Manta to lend or borrow assets.

Focus on Good Assets: Look for opportunities to lend or borrow prominent assets on Manta, such as $MANTA, $PYTH, $TIA, etc.

Additional Task

CB’s take

2024 is shaping up to be a significant year for airdrops, with $JUP paving the way. These opportunities could be transformative, especially for those with limited capital. With an investment under $150, you can position yourself to potentially benefit from airdrops by participating in these projects, should they launch airdrop campaigns.

For those interested in zero-cost airdrop opportunities, we have recommendations for you as well. The key is to take action based on this information.

See you on the successful side. LFG 💡